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Simple Tips for Buying Skin Care Products

Healthy skin tone and better skin is possible with simple care. Simple tips while buying skin care products can make huge difference. Check labels when you’re going for any purchase of beauty products at supermarkets. Thousands of skin products are available in market and we don’t have an idea to which one to purchase or not to purchase.

Go for the product that has active ingredient and particular concentration. If you are going for double pack please check the quantity of the products down. Typically to any skin 1 to 10 percent range of vitamins and supplements work. PH-balanced formulation is needed along with active ingredient to penetrate into the skin.

Products with vitamin A are good skin care nutrient and referred as retinols or retinoid at the pharmacy. 10 percent of beauty product should contain vitamin C and vitamin B that benefits the skin.

Choose water-based, fragrance-free skin lotion along with sun protection factor (SPF) helps in moisturize the skin and protects from sun.

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Updated: December 27, 2013 — 4:08 am
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