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Safety Tips for Children and Teens in Summer

Every child like the summer because in summer they have the lot fun because they have the summer vacations. But there are many concerns for parents when their children are out having fun with out their supervision. Here are few tips for Children and Teens that all parents should discuss with their child.

  • Try to avoid the strangers because recently find the too many kidnappings and child adductions. So tell your children that that if someone suspicious that they don’t know comes up to them they should immediately either run away if they are alone or go someplace where there are other people. If any one is force them into a car then immediately start screaming loudly.
  • Try monitor your children when they are using computers because they are more craze about internet use. The internet can be a fun and educational tool for children and youths but it also can be a dangerous one as well. Try to block some porno website.
  • Try to teach the water safety because children loves swimming. Children or teens that don’t know how to swim should stay in the shallow end of the water. Children and teens should also always swim at places that have life guards. For parents who own pools in their homes they should be aware that children can get into trouble when they aren’t looking.
  • Try to explain disadvantages of drugs and alcohol habit. Because summer time gives children and teens more time to associate with friends that may offer those drugs or alcohol. Remember to tell your teen the penalty of illegal drug use and underage drinking and the health effects they have on their body.

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