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World Economic Forum And Operations

The world Economic Forum (WEF) was founded in 1971 by Klaus M. Schwab in Switzerland. It is Geneva based foundation and conducted the annual meetings with top business leaders, national political leaders and selected intellectuals in Davos, Switzerland and also regional meetings throughout the year. World Economic Forum is an ideal place for dialogue and debate about the major social and economic problems of the planet now I explain the world Economic Forum operations.

Operations: Attend the most powerful economic organizations and the most powerful political organizations are present; intellectuals also participate; and there is a generally informal atmosphere encouraging wide-ranging debate. And more than 600 journalists from print, TV and radio in the meeting. And NGO leaders from groups such as Amnesty International, Transparency International, Oxfam and various UN organizations attend, as well as trade union leaders and religious leaders. In 2006 it is open representative office in China and New York. And it is impartial and non profit and it is not tied with any political and national interests. It has the most powerful governance body, consisting of 20 members including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. January, 2005, a new branch was installed as an independent organization, the Young Global Leaders consisting of 40 leaders in economy, communication and science interested in global improvement, also incorporating royalty members around the world.

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