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The Basic Table Tennis Rules

Table Tennis is very good indoor game which gives the very good physical exercise and also fun. But whenever you are playing table tennis you should follow some basic rules they are.

  • First you choose the scoring format generally official tennis games are played until one player reaches 11 points. You should always keep in mind that you cannot win by a single point. A player should be ahead by 2 points before he or she can be declared as the winner.
  • Next serve the ball by releasing it from the palm of your hands. Toss the ball upwards to reach the height of approximately six inches above the table. Strike the ball downward, making it bounces on your side of the table and into your opponent’s side. The ball should not touch the net during the serve.
  • Never hit the ball in a twice, if you fail to hit the ball either on a serve or after your opponent had sent it back to your court, then your opponent takes the point.
  • Hit the ball after it had bounced off the table. It is illegal to volley the ball before it has touched the table’s surface. The ball should bounce once on each side as it travels from one player to another. If it so happens that the player hit the ball too hard it missed the table altogether, the point goes to the other player.
  • Never touch the ball or table by your free hand during the play, if this happens the player who committed the offense loses the point. The ball should freely bounce on the table during a rally. And also the player’s clothing should not touch the net as well.
  • In a doubles game, a player should serve diagonally from the right side of their court into their opponent’s right. The white line painted across the table divides the left and right court. However, in a singles game, these lines don’t mean anything.

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