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Bombers Still Active in Iraq

It was very horrible to look at the dead bodies lay scattered after the first bomb hit streets of Baghdad. People rushed to help the bomb victims and this is when the second blast occurred killing many people and injuring many others who came to rescue. People living in Iraq are habituated to these circumstances. They live in inconsistency of their lives. They have no guarantee for their lives for they don’t know whether they will be the victims of next bomb attack.

The suicide bomb attacks have not reduced in Iraq to any point since 2003. No one ever dares to count the number of victims of Iraq war. There are foreigners, soldiers, civilians, and also terrorists in the list of the dead in Iraq bomb blasts.

Recent bomb blast recorded in Baghdad is said to kill 31 people and injured 71. This blast is said to the deadliest in the city among blasts in the recent months.

Updated: October 22, 2009 — 4:32 am

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