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Tips to Find the Right Scent

Whenever you are selecting a fragrance that should be fits your chemistry and also the season of the year. Like in fall we want something warm so a soft musk or vanilla scent might work out for you. In the winter you will not only try to find something warm, but also sweet and inviting. A soft musk, warm vanilla, or a sweet fruit scent such as apple or raspberry would be nice. And when starting spring you should switch to a nice garden scent, like roses, lily, lavender, lilac or gardenia. During the summer months you will want a light and airy scent.

The most excellent way to see if a scent will suit you is to test it. First make a decision on a scent that you like. Next you will desire to try a dab or two on your pulse points. Wait at least two hours to see if you still like the way the scent is on your skin. This way the fragrance has had time to mix by your body’s chemistry. When you do find the fragrance that you like, here are a few rules to follow. First simply apply a minimal amount. You can always add more through the day if it wears off, but if you over do it you will be too overwhelming in scent the whole day. Also it is bad etiquette to apply perfume in public. You should always apply in a restroom, or at home. This way you won’t offend anyone’s allergies or atmosphere.

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Updated: April 22, 2010 — 6:37 am

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