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Business Idea – Before You Begin

What makes your company different? How will it develop? And what factors will draw it to profitable business? There is a need to make strategies and objectives clear to. Because you are to start working on a dot-com business plan, it’s important to include your site name in this plan. That is because an easily remembered and instantly recognizable name makes you, literally, the master of your domain. Include the description company’s structure, history, staff and management, and products and services in brief. And show what will make your site special, one to which consumers will return. You’ll want to focus on the ‘’stickiness” factor of your site, as noted above. Don’t assume that you need to come up with an instantly recognizable domain name. If the company had a killer domain, it would help. An average domain isn’t a deal breaker. Consider domain names such as Google and Oxygen. Neither popular site name instantly tells you what it offers, but both are growing in terms of their business strength and number of visitors. So, don’t get disheartened if you don’t get an appropriate domain name. Keep it unique and easily memorable to let visitors on your site have its impression in their brains and a fair idea about your services.

Imagine yourself that you’re an investor, with little time and patience for lengthy documents! Focus on the first sentence only of your description. Does it portray the nature of your e-biz and what makes it unique? After you have polished that statement, make sure that you have included relevant information that, while succinct, illustrates the key strengths of your company. You may also want to include the size and any company history, staff and management experience, a brief overview of your products and/or services, your target market, and any positive statistics, selling and marketing plans, and unique qualities. Finalize your business philosophy and concept with these criteria in mind.

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