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Know about drug addiction

Addiction is a dangerous habit of continuous abuse of drugs. It is often compulsive drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences to the individual. Drug addiction is generally termed as a brain disease because the continuous abuse of drugs cripples the structure and functioning of the brain. Though the initial drug abuse is voluntary by many people, as the time progresses, the brain causes looses the person’s self control and ability to make correct decisions and at the same time encourages him to take the drugs.

People generally underestimate the complexity of drug addiction initially. As they get addicted, they are prone to many mental and physical diseases. Once a person gets addicted to drugs it becomes very difficult for him to overcome that habit. As the drug addiction is a disease that impacts the brain, it is very much necessary for a person to have a strong will power to deter the drug abuse.

However, treatments are available to counteract addiction and regain control in a person. Combining addiction treatment medications with behavioral therapy provides positive results many times. Treatment is different for every patient depending on the substance of addition and duration of addiction.

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Updated: April 11, 2013 — 5:20 am

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