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13th Root Of 200 Digits Computed

On 6 April 2005, Alexis Lemaire made a major development in the field of mathematical calculation and science development. He calculated the 13th root of a 200-digit number in a record 8 minutes 33 seconds for the first time. It is a combination of many skills and abilities like:

  • Memory
  • Calculations
  • Mathematical skills.

It will be helpful for individuals to see numbers, memorizes countless calculations and process information in an easy way.  It also allows them to solve complicated mathematical calculations.

Alexis Claude Lemaire was born in1980 and is a French computer scientist and mental calculation champ. He was a doctoral student in artificial intelligence at the Reims University, France. Earlier he calculated the 13th root of a 100-digit number in 13.55 seconds, beating the record held by Willem Klein (88.8 seconds).

Thus, it holds a major development in coming future’s research and experiments. For example, it made calculation easy for space experiment.

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