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False Beliefs Force Animals Towards Extinction

The ivory, tiger skin and nails and rhino horn etc. are always in demand in the black market. These items fetch huge amounts when sold. This is encouraging the poachers and other criminals to hunt down the endangered animals from the wild.

Black rhinos and tigers are regarded as the critically endangered animals. They are already on the verge of extinction. But still hunting and poaching of these animals cannot be reduced much. This is mainly due to the high demand of these illegal wildlife products.

The benefits of rhino horn are very popular in Vietnam. A folk tale in Vietnam says that it has capacity to enhance powers in the bedroom. Recently it has been augmented by a baseless belief that it can cure cancer also. In recent years, there are reports that there is a demand for tiger meat in south-east Asian countries.

Tigers can be poached in India and transported to China through Nepal. Rhinos can be shot in Africa and their horns shipped to Thailand, Vietnam or China.

These types of false beliefs are very dangerous. Awareness among the people is very important to save these animals, which are part of the eco system.

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