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Haiti Earthquake In Leogane

An earthquake of magnitude 7.0 was stroked southwest region of Haiti. This is the worst earthquake in 200 years. The earthquake was occurred on 12th January 2010. Many notable landmark buildings of city like government buildings foreign aid offices, and countless slums were significantly damaged or destroyed by this earthquake. According to Prime Minister Preval all important building like parliament, tax office, schools and hospitals were collapsed by this earthquake. Nearly 100,000 people were died and many became the homeless.

This disaster also destroyed the United Nations Mission in Hatti. 16 members of UN peacemaking were killed and hundred of them were missing.

Major damage by the earthquake included the destruction of entire cities, plants on farmland. The disaster hit hard on human lives and significantly raises the death toll from hunger, disease and exposure. Many places were too far from aid workers relief. It also affected badly to development of all these areas

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