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Online Shopping Needs Effective Safety Control

Online shopping has vigorous and giant shopping range of market. It has a fastest growing business when compared to all other forms of shopping. But lack of supervision and safety tool made it is an unsafe feeling to the customer.

According to the report of Internet research organization online shopping market has a turnover of 120 billion in 2008 and 128.5 percent growth year by year. A leading online retailer is capable to sell an average of 26 cell phones, 266 items of clothing and 136 cosmetic products per minute.

However lack of credibility from some online shop owners and a lack of management standards for online shopping website made an unpleasant feeling to online buyers. Non-effective supervision is the major problem for unpleasant online shopping. In online shopping if a buyers receive fake goods then he can’t do much about it.

Some online retailers installed their own grading and complaint-lodging system. According to Zhang Zhengfeng, associate professor of the School of Public Administration online shopping could not avoid policy supervision forever and they must have to regulate some standardized management just like traditional stores. So, online buyer can hope for a safer and better shopping experience in coming future.

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