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Know About Public Transportation

Public transportation is the transportation or movement of the people by the government operated vehicles between the origin of the trip and the end of the destination. The public transportation is of two types – service provided for the general public and service for special groups of public like school buses etc. Public transportation service to the general public may be classified into three types:

  1. Inter regional or the intercity transportation: This public transportation provides the services between the regions or cities and it includes commercial air services, Amtrak railway passenger service and inter region bus service. It may be off rail service, bus service, or even the air service.
  2. Urban Public transportation: Here the service is being done between large urban areas. It is a general transport which is again as common as the inter regional transportation.
  3. Rural and small urban community transportation: It provides the services between the rural and the small urban communities and this provides connection between the rural and the urban areas.

Public transportation is helpful for the persons who are unable to use the personal automobile transportation. Public transportation helps for the growth of the economy. It is generally used more in urban regions where the traffic is generally high.

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