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Different Types of Automation Applications

Automation process is existing in every place and in every person’s life. The automation is process to make man’s life easy, faster, to manage his surroundings effectively. The automation applications find use in different types in places like home, office , manufacturing, and defeance works based on controlling and operating.

Home Based
In homes, mostly the automation applications are operated by the open system and manually like Washing machine, Air conditioner. These applications have pre-planned program. If person not give commands, they are not working.

Manufacturing Sector
The manufacturing section type of controlling system is distributed across different places, because it is needed to give commanding orders one by one sections like a packing of output process.

Defence System
In security system, normally two types of controllers are observed, they are:

  1. Internal systems
  2. Out door systems

These type systems is different from above categories. The defeance systems controlling is mainly used according to situational or circumstance based like a missile target, way of attacking is changing from time to time and circumstance.

Updated: December 4, 2015 — 6:34 am

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