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Mexico Opposes Marijuana Law Imposed By U.S

Drugs are introduced for medication such that helpless and ill people will get served easily and properly but it continues to overdose and serious abuse trend. Mexico and U.S are widely affected by Drugs problem. Huge amount of drugs first get cultivated in Mexico and then smuggled to U.S market. Selling, buying and addiction are illegal in any country.

But in 2010 U.S government permitted medical marijuana and California legalized cannabis sales to adults. With this law Mexico got bristle and said that this new amendment of law will undercuts the battle against Mexico’s violent drug cartels. According to Mexico Secretary of the Interior Fernando Gomez Mont this new law is worrisome and complicates efforts to resolve Mexico’s soaring drug-related violence.

According to U.S official, law enforcement authorities will keep close tabs on medical marijuana dispensaries where such sales are permitted. They don’t believe that the rising number of states which allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes can make marijuana smuggling into the U.S. from Mexico. They also said that they didn’t change the law and they amended this law to get a effective benefit in medical field.

This law has different opinion with different countries but finally what will result, only time can say in a better way.

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