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Internet Marketing will Grow in the Next two Years: Zenith Optimedia

Greater portion of the global ad sector will be accounted by online marketing in 2012 than it does now.

According to a new forecast from ZenithOptimedia, internet marketing will represent 17.1 per cent of overall ad expenditure in two years’ time compared with 12.7 per cent in 2009.

As per an agency which is a part of France’s Publicis, the market has grown to 3.5 percent, which is more than the 2.2 percent that it predicted in April. It also predicted that ad expenditure growth will increase by 4.5% and 5.3 percent in 2011 and 2012.

Ad spending growth is based on countries
Propelled by the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions, developed markets would grow by 2.4 percent in 2011 and 2.9 percent in 2012. While, the developing markets are expected to grow by 9.1 percent and 9.7 percent respectively.

ZenithOptimedia increased its 2011 global ad spending forecast to 4.5 percent from 4.1 percent and confirmed 5.3 percent growth expectation for 2012.

Zenith Optimedia is now expecting 2.2 percent growth in Western Europe this year despite concerns over euro zone debt which is up from 0.4 percent before.

TV during downturn did relatively well, when consumers spent most of their time at home. New technologies such as hard-drive recorders also encouraged the consumers to watch TV even more. 40.8% of the global ad market in 2012 which is up from 39.2% in 2009 is expected to be attracted by TV.

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