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Text Messaging For Charitable Donations: MMA & Luth Research

Apart from improving the marketing means, the mobiles are used for providing donations via text messages. According to mobile marketing association(MMA), and its research partner Luth Research survey on mobile marketing behaviors of U.S adult consumers who are using the mobiles, it demonstrates that text messages are used by the US consumers for donations. By using the text messages the donations can be done quickly and securely to the needy people.

Most of the U.S mobile users use text messaging, the second most common way for doing charities.

According to the latest survey done by the researchers, the number of people who own a cell phone are around 93% and from that 33% of the users donated to Hatian relief efforts. Out of this 33% donators, 34% of the people used a PC and website and 22% sent via SMS.

When we sum up both the people who are non donars and the donators, 7% of the respondents donated using SMS. For doing the charities during hatian earthquake, the SMSes played a major role.

Most of the researchers opine that mobile channel is widely used for doing the charitable donations, by seeing the case Hatian relief efforts.

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