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Know About Different Types of Jewelry

Jewelry has become popular now-a-days. There are huge number of varieties both for men and women. There are different trends and fashions in the jewelry. Different types of ornaments are being used for different parts of the body.

Especially, women have different types of ornaments than men. Starting from the head to feet they are adorning their body parts. In case of women, there are different types of ornaments. The different types of ornaments are: Hair ornaments, Head ornaments, Neck, arms, Hands, body, legs and feet.

Hair ornaments: The ornaments which are used for decorating the hair are hair pins, hair bands, Fascinator. Now-a-days as in the 21st century instead of fascinators, hats have become the tradition or the small and simple fascinators with silver is used. These fascinators now-a-days are made of feathers, beads and flowers. Now-a-days even men are using hair ornaments like bands, pins.

Head Ornaments: These ornaments include piercing ornaments, nose ornaments, crowns, earrings and grills. Piercing ornaments are worn on the eye brows, lips etc. This is the western culture. Mostly these piercing ornaments are made of silver. Coming to the earrings, a wide variety of earrings are made from different types of materials like gold, silver, platinum, pearls and crystals. For men, earrings are made of silver and platinum. Nose ornaments are mostly worn by women. Grills are used for decorating the teeth. These are also used by both men and women.

Crowns are used for wearing on head. During the olden days both men and women used to wear as a symbol of monarchy.

Neck: Different types of necklaces made of crystals, pearls, and diamonds are used They are available in different styles and varieties. They vary with places, for official purpose simple chains are used, for party wears different chains are used. Men use heavy chains and ornaments mostly made of silver, metal, or crystal.

Arms and Hands: Armlets, bangles, bracelets and cufflinks are used for arms. Armlets are the bracelets worn on arm. Gold, platinum, silver, metals are used for preparing. Bangles are worn in hands on the wrist. Same materials are used for preparing bracelets. Bangles are used by women. Cufflinks are preferable for men. They wear them on the cuffs of the shirt. Hand ornaments are rings. They are fashionable and trendy. Apart from the traditional materials like gold, silver and diamonds they are made of fancy items like plastic, metals etc.

Legs, foot and Body: Anklets and the ornaments for the fingers of the toe are used. Belly chains, body piercing jewelry are used for the body.

These are the various ornaments which are used for making oneself adorn.

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