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Fake money a growing problem for small businesses

Fake money has become a major problem for small businesses and small businesses are very concerned about it. Small businesses which operate on a cash only basis are particularly at risk.

Only uncaring, untrained cashier is the target who often gets cheated. Proper employee training and some advanced devices make tracking counterfeit bills to spot easily. It is very hard to identify a fake bill without proper training. As, it has become easy for criminals to hasten creation of higher-quality bad bills by using sophisticated digital printers.

It is very troublesome for the cash based businesses like gas stations, fast food restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores. They are the easy targets for criminals.

Around $182 million fake U.S. Currency in the fiscal year were removed from circulation with the help of Secret Service who are in charge of investigating and preventing counterfeiting. The amount which was removed from circulation was double the amount in fiscal 2008.

So, small businesses owners must be careful of the threat of fake money. Small businesses can follow some steps to easily overcome this problem.

  • Teach employees how to identity fake money in short time.
  • To purchase hand held machines to check money with low cost. Now these machines are available at $100 or less.
  • The small businesses owners should take care of every bill to check it for true money.

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