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Recent Toyota Recalls in August 2010

Toyota, the most popular Japanese car maker, is facing lot of troubles because of the serious safety issues. The reputation of this famous car manufacturer is going to be tarnished. Right from the year 2007 the recalls have started.

1.13 million cars of the models Corolla and Corolla matrix cars are being recalled by the Toyota Motor Corp in United States and Canada. These cars were recalled majorly because of the problems like defective engine control modules.

Vehicles of the models which were obtained between the years 2005 to 2008 are being recalled. Recalls are being done for the vehicles of U.S and Canada. On adding this recall to the past year recalls, it will be more than 8 million recalls across the world.

Three accidents and one minor injury are being reported by Toyota company officials, but they are not yet confirmed because of the defectives in the vehicles.
NHTSA reported that the engines are being stalled without warning and even not restarting. Out of 32 engine control modules, four are being replaced by the new ones because of malfunctioning under the conditions of extreme heat and cold.

The reasons which are making the cars to be defective are cracks in the connection with the electronic components which makes the excessive voltage to be prevented and finally leads to harsh shifting. This finally ends up with the engine stall.

Toyota officials said the recall notices will start from mid September and also the other notification will be issued for the replacement parts.

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