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FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa

Football is one of the major games in the field of sports. When we talk about football, one might get the famous organization in their mind, International Federation of Foot Ball Association (FIFA). For every four years, this FIFA world cup is conducted.

Out of the 19 world cup tournaments which are conducted, Brazil itself has won five tournaments. Apart from the other countries, Brazil is the only country which has took part in the world cup every year as of now. Out of all nations, eight nations won the titles. Among which Italy had won the title for four times, Germany had won for three times, Argentina and Uruguay each two times, England, France And Spain won one title each. Different countries will be hosting each tournament.

Coming to the recent FIFA world cup which was conducted at South Africa in 2010, Spain won and the runner-up was Netherlands. Regarding the 2010 FIFA world cup, different opinions are being reported by different surveys.
According to survey of British football fans, they opined that during the last 20 years, 2010 FIFA world cup was considered as the most unenjoyable one.
The FFC, Football Fan Census had asked 1,000 British soccer supporters to give a mark for World cup and European Championship of the past 20 years for the rating out of ten.

According to them, they said that the most enjoyable tournament was Euro 96, and they also said that host country for that tournament was England. During Euro 1996, England reached semifinals. And they rated it as the first highest one. During the year 1990, World Cup in Italy was ranked as the second highest and there also England reached semifinals.

In spite of the average performance by England, France 98 and Germany 2006 are considered as the next rated ones. These two championships or tournaments stood as the best examples for football and the drama on the pitch. But, the fans of the English are not at all satisfied with rainbow nation hosting tournament and rated it as the last tournament among ten.

The ratings of the English fans according to FFC are as follows.

  • 1996 Euros which was hosted by England and the marks according to fans were 8.3
  • 1990 World Cup which was hosted by Italy and the marks were 7.9
  • 2006 World Cup which was hosted by Germany and the marks were 7.2
  • 1998 world Cup, Hosting country was France and the England scored 7.2
  • 2002 World Cup, Hosting countries were Japan and South Korea and it scored 6.9
  • 2004 Euros, Hosting country was Portugal And the rating was given as 6.9
  • 2000 Euros, Hosting country were Belgium and Netherlands and the rating was given as 6.3
  • 2008 Euros, Hosting country were Austria And Switzerland and the rating was 5.8
  • 1994 World up, USA hosted it and the score out of 10 is 5.8
  • 2010 World Cup and South Africa was the hosted country and the last rating given as 5.6
  • 1992 Euros and the hosting country was Sweden and the rating given by the fans is 5.5 out of 10.

Thus, according Fans of British, FIFA world Cup held in South Africa is considered as the unenjoyable one.

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