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Sunglasses Sales in US: 2009

Sunglasses are a form of eye wear and these are designed to protect the eyes. Eyes are protected from sunlight and high energy visible light. Now-a-days, these sun glasses are fashionable, apart from giving protection. When people go out, then human eye receives more light than usual, eye protection was recommended by health care physicians to protect the eyes from ultra violet radiation, which may cause serious eye problems.

Sun glasses are a part of the accessories. Sales in 2009 were 1.7 billion dollars and in 2008 sales were 1.8 billion dollars and in 2007 2 billion dollars. $13 was average unit price for the total business. 38 percent of sunglasses were purchased by 18 to 34 age group of consumers. This is the largest portion of the dollar sales. People bought only 9 percent of sunglasses through online. Plastic, resins, etc are the best selling materials for sunglasses. Violet, navy, burgundy are fashion colors for sun glasses.

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