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How Useful is WAN in Computer Network

Wide Area Network (WAN) is spans over large geographical area. The Internet is a public WAN. In other words, WAN is a combination of LANs, a private WAN is a combination of two or more LANs, these connect themselves. The Reuters used to communicate LANs in communication on WAN. The Reuters installed on the ‘leased line’, read the headers on each packet of data that process through the WAN, sending it to the LAN.

The leased line is expensive, many businesses prefer WAN in internet service provider to provide WAN access. Every LAN in WAN, communicates through standard digital subscriber line (DSL) account, DSL internet use telephone line for communicating and sharing the data. WAN is creating secure channels through a public space. Firewalls also block instruction by hackers.

A WAN is an excellent way for companies to securing resources and centralizes productivity. The WAN makes a good business sense. We can access with WAN full time or restricted time in 24 hours seven days a week. WAN makes good business sense.

Updated: December 4, 2015 — 7:14 am

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