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Instructions to Print and Scan Barcodes

Barcodes help businesses in identifying and tracking the items by tracking the information about the item or product present in the barcode label. These barcode labels are printed by barcode printers and they are read by barcode scanners. There are some instructions to scan and print a barcode, such as:

Barcode printing:

  • First you are supposed to download barcode generating software or visit some websites which offer free barcode generation. Later enter the data which you want to encode into the barcode in the space which is provided by software and click on the “Generate Barcode” button on the screen.
  • In order to display the drop down menu, you right click on the generated barcode image and to save the barcode image to your desired location in the computer, you click on the “ save image as”.
  • You need to choose a right type of printers like Zebra printers which you are going to use by clicking on “start,” “Control Panel” and “ printers and Faxes”. And right click on the type of printer which you chose. Click on “ Set as Default Printer” in the resulting drop down menu.
  • Need to check the papers’ size and type which are in the printer’s paper tray. Printing on ordinary white bond paper or on specialty papers which are designed for barcode printing, depend on the type of barcode software program and type of printer you have chosen. In order to print the barcode image, open saved barcode image and right click on it to open a new drop down menu and click on “ print” option.

Scanning barcode:

  • First turn off the computer and see the type of cable is attached to your barcode scanner and note the type of connector. Barcode scanners have a keyboard connector, a USB connector or a serial port connector, that will plug to its corresponding port on your computer. Find the matching port and plug in your barcode scanner.
  • Then turn on computer. The hand held scanner is held around the 6 inches away from the barcode with light beam facing the barcode and press the scanner button, pass over it over barcode.
  • In order to see whether data scanned by the barocde scanner has entered into the computer program which you are using, you need to check the computer screen. For this you need to choose a best barcode scanner like Symbol barcode scanner.

These are the instructions to print or scan the barcodes, in order to use the barcode technology for your needs.

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