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Know About Orangeries and Their Types

Home improvement is generally done by many people. Many people want to have an additional extra space that is good for their home. Home improvement by means of orangeries is a good idea. Orangeries are more popular in the fashionable, luxurious and rich areas of a country.

An extension to the house that is built with glasses fitted all over is called an orangery. Grass and some indoor plants are placed in orangeries for providing a complete natural look. Orangeries can be made of stones, bricks or cement. In order to get an ancient look, different types of stones are used. A traditional environment is given to the orangery by use of wood. In addition concrete can also be used for construction of orangeries these days.

An orangery can be used in many ways such as endless bigger kitchen, dining room, entertainment place, lounge and so on. Generally based on the design, orangeries are of three types. A standard orangery is the one having pelmets to the inside and spotlights. The other one is different type in which pelmets are inside and spotlights. In addition, a fascia and soffits are toward outside. The third one is ultimate type which has a lantern roof. A flat roof is framed with the glass roof in the middle. Pelmets are to the inside with spotlights.

Based on the material used for construction, there are different types of orangeries. Hardwood orangeries are those which use hardwood for construction. A traditional hardwood used for an orangery gives good look. Timber orangeries are those which use timber for construction. A detail may be added to every area of the room by using timber. Different types of stones are used for construction of stone orangeries.

Orangeries of various designs give more value to a home. Orangeries can be built in a completely established house or during the time of building a house.

Updated: December 27, 2013 — 5:54 am

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