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Need to Know About Various Types of Thermal Barcode Printers?

Barcodes are used for many daily activities these days. A barcode system mainly requires barcode printer, barcode label, barcode scanner, and a database. Barcodes are printed on labels or tags by barcode printers like WASP printers, Zebra printers and others. Many types of barcode printers are available. The most advanced types of them is thermal barcode printers. There are various types of thermal barcode printers.

Desktop Barcode Printers:
At limited space and budget areas, desktop barcode printers are used. The design of these printers is made in such a way that they can get fit on desk, countertop or a POS station. Paper labels larger than 1.5″ x 0.5″ are the best materials for these printers.

Midrange Barcode Printers:
These printers can print labels of a range of sizes from small serial barcodes that are used on cell phones to large labels used in chemical drum. Paper and other synthetic materials can be used for printing by midrange barcode printers. These labels can be read by barcode scanners using various technologies like laser, CCD and others. As many as 1000 paper or synthetic labels can be printed by these printers per day.

Portable Barcode Printers:
As the name suggests, they can be taken to any place inside an office or out in some field work. Cabling and other network connections are not required for portable barcode printers. Technologies such as radio frequency and bluetooth technology are used by these printers. Retail checkouts, patient bedsides, and assembly lines are some of the applications of portable barcode printers.

Industrial Barcode Printers:
Various models of barcodes like Symbol barcode are used in many industries. Barcode labels printed for large warehouses and manufacturing facilities include industrial barcode printers. Different sizes of labels can be printed by them with high accuracy and resolution. They can be used at tough environments.

A barcode printer must be selected by a person based on the requirements. Selection of a barcode printer is very important for any business.

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