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Why Car’s Interiors Too Need Maintenance

According to recent studies, a normal American spends 3 hours of a day in his car, which helps in the buildup of dirt, grime, coffee and food stains making the car interiors look rugged. Buildup of dirt and grease can also cause the vehicle to degrade over time. For this reason the drivers have to give equal importance to the interior maintenance along with maintaining the exteriors. When cleaning a car’s interior, it is better to clean each and every corner. These are the some of the areas in the interiors which are to be given importance while cleaning a car. They are:

Consoles and cup holders:
Center Console is the main area that is susceptible to dirt and grease buildup, which is typically home to a vehicle’s cup holders.

Clean under the carpets:
Remove the floor mats and clean it from any dirt buildup. By this carpets will look better and last longer.

Dashboards and door panels:
Dash board is the key area in the car’s interior and its parts are made up of plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather. Cleaning these surfaces helps to minimize dashboard reflection on the windshield.

Clean upholstery:
In the resale value of the car upholstery plays an important role along with the number of miles on the odometer. So drivers should clean the upholstery regularly and they should be careful while cleaning upholstery with water because that can damage electrical components or create a moldy smell.

Overcome the odor:
The drivers should also be concerned about the odors in the car and these problems can be solved by placing an air purifier in the car.

Practice preventive care:
Car body is susceptible to the UV rays and drivers can apply a UV protectorate product to the vehicle’s interior to guard against problems that often result from overexposure to the sun.

Updated: February 15, 2016 — 1:02 am

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