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What are different Procedures for Dental Implants?

The functionality and perfect cosmetic appearance of the teeth can be enhanced by dental implants. They are used to replace one or more lost teeth. These are much beneficial as they look like natural teeth, preventing the loss of jawbone. Various procedures are followed to fit the implants. Some of the most commonly used ones are discussed here.

Root-Form Implants
Of all the types, root-form implants are common and most popular. They resemble the shape of natural tooth root. They resemble a cone or screw and are surgically placed in the jawbone. Titanium is used most commonly as it is very strong and non-corrosive. When there is adequate width, height and structural integrity of the jawbone, one can use root-form implants. They are generally used to restore one or multiple teeth providing a strong base.

Ramus Frame Implants
At cases where there is severe bone deterioration in the lower jaw, ramus frame implants are the best choice. They are also used for patients who have problem with fitting of the dentures. These implants are inserted into the jaw at rear part of the mouth or the chin. A thin metal bar is used for the ramus implants. After implanting them, full or partial dentures are placed. The main function of these implants is to secure the dentures.

Plate-Form Implants
They are rectangular in shape having one or two metal spikes on one side. These are different from other types of implants. In cases where the jawbone is too narrow for root-form implants, plate-form implants are used. Also, they are used when the area is not suitable for bone grafting. They are inserted vertically in the jawbone to provide an anchor for the placement of artificial tooth.

Based on the condition of the patient, the best suited procedure is opted.

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