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Know About Uses of Smart Phone Technology in Cars

Automakers and gadget providers are working hard to insert the applications of i phone and smart phones to bring in more high tech electronics in to automobiles.

Audi is going to use their smart phones which helps the drivers to check out their car’s fuel mileage and other performance data like miles per gallon over the course of a trip, emissions and engine revolutions. In the Audi car, a smart phone offers a application known as Wow which is used in i phone, another highly useful tool provided by the makers. This system works by plugging an I Phone into the car’s OBD-II port in the dashboard, the plug in communicates with the car’s engine computer. Chrysler is using smart phones to replace a car’s bulky paper owner’s manual.

Smart phones have many advantages like portability which allows the motorists to know about their vehicle when they are away from the vehicle. Web based applications are easier to keep up to date than the electronic components in the car. Another feature of the Smart phone in GM cars is that the owners can lock or start their vehicle with their smart phone, and even remotely blink the headlights or honk the horn to find a car in a crowded lot.

Cobra Electronics, Chicago based manufacturer of radar detectors, launched a system that uses a driver’s I Phone as the detector display and it tells a motorist when it picks up signals from police speed radar guns, it also warns of red-light cameras by using the I Phone’s GPS capability, and is priced at $169.95.

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