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General Uses of Essential Oils Present in Spices

Essential oils are the chemical compounds which are present inside the spices. These are responsible for the aromatic and flavoring nature of spices. Apart from adding flavors to the food, these essential oils have wide range of applications in various industries such as, pharmaceutical, personal care, industrial, etc. Let us discuss in details the uses of these essential oils present in spices.

  • Essential oils are found to add medicinal value to the spices, because of their chemical composition. Due to their chemical nature, they are found to cure many body related diseases.
  • Essential oils have wide range of application in cosmetic industry. They are found to cure, cuts, wounds, bruises and many skin problems. Some of the oils are also found to enhance the color of the skin. These are also used in hair care. These are widely used in soap manufacturing industry.
  • Due to the therapeutic nature of essential oils, they are used in aromatherapy. The volatile and aromatic nature is used in curing many major problems like stress, arthritis, headaches, etc.
  • The Specific aroma of each type of essential oils, specific each spice, is in very much demand in manufacturing of perfumes.
  • The essential oils are also used in confectionery industry where these are added to give flavor to the food items.
  • Essential oils are also used in making chewing delicacies, syrups, aerated drinks, etc.
  • The anti bacterial and anti fungal nature of essential oils is used in preparation of many anti repellants.

The above are the wide variety of benefits provided by essential oils in spices.

Updated: April 23, 2013 — 1:42 am

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