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What are the Functions of Hardscaping?

Are you bored of looking at the soft landscape designs? Here is a new idea of hardscaping that also adds much beauty to your home. Hardscaping is a part of landscaping which is carried on paved areas such as sidewalks and streets. There are several ways to use hardscape materials to improve the liveability of your outdoor space.

Hardscaping has many functions. It is primarily meant for improving the aesthetic sense. However, it also has some practical and useful functions. The outdoor space is made livable by creating boundaries, enhancing privacy, leveling topography and providing shelter. In addition, it reduces the lawn maintenance.

A yard can be divided into different areas for different purposes by fences and walls. Different fences can be used to create boundaries around a pool or any other place in the yard.

Hardscaping helps to improve the topography of a yard. If the slope of the yard is steep enough, it can be corrected by arranging a retaining wall. It can hold back the sections of soil and allow to separate the yard into different levels of flatter surfaces. It also prevents soil erosion.

The other function is to provide shelter. Overhangs and gazebos are the examples of outdoor shelters. They enhance the utilization of a yard.

Hardscaping cuts down any lawn area and provides paving walkways. Placing a patio also helps in reducing the amount of grassy area in a lawn. Thus it provides a low-maintenance yard.

Different materials such as slate, stone, rocks and wood used for hardscaping should blend with the surroundings to create an attractive and enhanced look.

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