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What is a Keg and Know Different Types of Kegs

A keg is a small barrel with a capacity of less than 40 L and it is mostly used to store the beverages but is most commonly used for beer. Traditionally wooden keg is used to transport items such as nails and gun powder and many liquids. In recent times, a keg is also constructed of aluminum or steel. There are several types of kegs available in the market in various sizes and storage capacity.

Following are the different types of kegs:

One way Kegs:
These are available in the global markets, Ecokeg is one way keg which is mostly recyclable and much lighter than steel kegs. They are available in 30L and 38L sizes only with two outer options plastic or reinforced cardboard BoxKeg.

Half Barrel Keg:
The half barrel keg also called as half keg, is the standard keg available in the United States and it holds 15.5 gallons and weighs 160.5 lbs when filled to capacity. Event though these kegs are placed in large barrels and packed with ice, they can fit in to most of the kegerators.

Mini Keg:
It is also called as bubba keg and it is a 5 liter keg produced for retail sales and these can be recycled as they are made up of aluminum. Mini kegs can be purchased from most alcohol retailers. They are popular for their compact size that easily fits on the refrigerator shelf.

Beer Ball:
It is another type of mini keg and is also called as party ball. It usually holds around 5.2 gallons, they can also be found in a smaller 3.8 gallon size. They are the disposable plastic balls.

Quarter Barrel Keg:
A quarter barrel keg can hold 7.75 gallons and this keg is half the size of a half barrel keg. The quarter barrel keg is commonly referred to as a pony keg. These kegs are the ideal size for use in tower kegerators.

Import Keg:
It is the keg used commonly in European countries and it holds 13.2 gallon, and its size is in between a half barrel keg and quarter barrel keg.

Cornelius Keg:
It is also known as a Corny keg, it has a five gallon capacity and these are originally used by the soft drink industry to store the soft drink mix.

Sixth Barrel Keg:
Sixth barrels hold 5.1 gallons of beer and these are in the same size and volume as a Cornelius keg. Sixth barrel kegs are also called as torpedo kegs, as they have a long, cylindrical shape.

All the above mentioned points tell us about different types of kegs and their uses.

Updated: May 25, 2011 — 5:20 am

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