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Know About Fire Curtains

Fire curtains are specially designed curtains especially for fire protection. They are made up of thin fabric smoke and fire barrier. They provide cost effective, light weight, smoke and fire barriers designed to delay the spread of fire and smoke through ceilings and over partitions.

These curtains are made of light weight woven glass cloth which is coated to prevent the migration of fiber between areas. This makes it ideal for fire stopping in food processing unit, pharmaceutical companies and computer centers where dust is particularly undesirable.

Fire curtains are excellent substitutes for fire door installations, as well as upgrade and replacement requirements. They are hidden on the top of the ceiling and operates when it receives a signal from the fire alarm system. Since it is hidden there is no obstruction of the passage and we can enjoy an open hall way unlike in the case of fire doors.

Fire curtains do not require power mains to deploy. In case if there is a failure in the main power, the fire curtains will operate independently and deploy as directed by the alarm system.

These are easy to install. A light gauge steel frame work is used to install the fire curtain. Penetrations from the fire barrier can be tackled using the fire fly collaring system which ensures the integrity of the fire and smoke barrier is maintained.

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