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Cushion Covers to Decorate Hotel Rooms

The pillow covers are not only used for household purposes, they have wider range of applications in hotels, airways and in hospitality industries. Since these industries involve making their customers comfortable they have to provide them with best quality clothing. Lets talk about the kind of pillow covers which the hotels use in to make the look of the hotel rooms more appealing.

In general all the fabric used for all the clothing in the hotel rooms is costly since it has to look special for the people lodging in it. But there are no special fabrics only meant for hotel usage, they select the fabric for pillow cases depending on different issues. Let see what they are.

Fabric of the pillow covers: Even though cotton and silk pillow covers are more durable and less expensive they are rarely used for hotel rooms. The fabric covers which the people prefer for hotel rooms are velvet pillow covers, tafetta covers, chenille covers, faux seude cushion covers and etc. since these fabrics give an luxury look to the rooms these are preferred most.

Pattern of the cushion covers: The pattern of the pillow covers also plays an important role in elevating the beauty of the bedding. Embroidery cushion covers, printed ones, flocked cushions are used in the hotel rooms.

Based on the furniture: Not only for bedding, hotels use the cushion covers for different furniture like sofas, chairs, living room couches and so on. So depending upon the place they will decide different fabric. Since furniture is meant for interior decoration some velvets and silk pillow covers are mostly used.

These are few varieties of pillow covers used in hotels. The usage again varies depending upon the star rating of the hotel.

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