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Know about Rain Barrel Water Pumps

Barrels, the moment you hear this word you will certainly think about wine and beer barrels. Barrels are not only meant for beverage preparation, they are also for different purposes. They come up in different forms like rain barrels, oil barrels, wood barrels and plastic barrels. In olden days they were only used for storing and transporting, but now their usage has a vast range. It is not easy to know about all its other uses at a shot but lets have look on how they are used as rain barrels.

Rain water is a natural source of water which is free from all the chemical substances which we add to purify our daily usage water. So, reserving this water helps us in many ways. Rain barrels are one of the sources used to store rain water. This preserved rain water when supplied to plants in our garden make them more healthier. Again in these rain barrels, we have different types which are made to suit our convenience. Following are a few types of rain barrel pumps available in the markets.

Rain barrels with manual water pump: This type of rain barrel is easy to set up and can work even when there is no power. It has a strong pump, which can pump out 150-340 liters of rain water per minute. With this barrel you can get a little bit of physical activity too. You can directly water your garden with this barrel.

Battery powered rain barrel pumps: These battery powered pumps works with 3-4 D cell sized batteries. With that batteries they can pump water continuously for 3-4 hours with a speed of 757 liters per hour.

Portable Electric pumps: This is considered as the fastest means of emptying your rain barrel. It can pump nearly 22 liters of rain water per minute. Apart from these, they are of light weight and easy to transport. This pump is handy and saves your time when you are in a hurry.

So, if you can store rain water in rain barrels you can easily pump to your plants with much fun and more satisfaction.

Updated: October 17, 2014 — 11:58 pm

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