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Heroin Addiction – Physical Signs

Heroin, most harmful drug is derived from morphine, which is made from poppy seeds. It looks either in white or brown powder. It acts as a depressant acting on the pleasure points of the brain and increases its ability to perceive pain. Due to its powdered form it is very easy to mix some other substances to increase its quantity. It can be weakened with any thing from talcum powder to strychnine. Heroin can be administered in any form like smoking, injecting, and snorting. What ever, the way may be, it effects are one and the same. Different methods are used only in order to get its pleasure more quicker and in more heavier way.

Coming to the physical signs that can be found in heroin addicted people, they are as follows:

  • At initial stages they tend to go out and spend more time outside.
  • They don’t bother about their appearance and don’t care about their dressing and make up.
  • You can find some needle marks on their arms or on other parts of their body.
  • Eating habits change and they will face decrease in appetite.
  • Their body weight will suddenly increase or they may loose weight all of a sudden.
  • You can notice their hands and legs shaking and becoming frequently sweaty.
  • Their face becomes puffy and their pupils get dilated.
  • Their eyes become red.
  • You can even smell something on their breath or on their clothing.
  • At times they even stagger and become lazy, and sometimes they are hyper active.
  • Their skin color changes becoming more pale.
  • They either stay alone, don’t even try to talk a single word or else they talk non stop.

It is not like every person who have all these effects are drug addicts. You have to check whether these things are found in the person and confirm them by asking that person or his friends about drug addiction.

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