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Know About Specialized Types of Translation

With the evolution of translation industry, many fields feel comfortable about their working documents, paper works along and expansion of their web services. Translation broke the barrier between businesses and the people of different regions. So, it has become a part of every business and industry. Depending upon the type of industry which uses translation it has been widely divided in to some categories. Following are the few different types of translations which are used commonly:

Administrative Translation: All kinds of administrative documents fall under this category. Every office has an administrative section which involves a lot of paper work or written stuff. The common texts which are used under management needs some translation.

Commercial Translation: Commercial translation refers to translating of all commercial documents like finance statements, accounts related, tender documents, reports etc. But in order to do these works a translator needs sound knowledge about the things he is working on.

Legal Translation: The name itself says that it is the translation of legal documents like court proceedings, notices, laws, contracts etc. The translators hired for this division are highly trained and skilled professionals.

Literary Translation: One of the interesting and the tough kinds of translation is the literary translation. It involves translating of books, novels, short stories, plays and even poems. It becomes tough when it comes to translate literature.

Computer Translation: This is an automatic form of translation in which the computer translates using some pre programmed software. This method is often ignored due to the lack of accuracy.

Medical Translation: This segment covers all the medical statements, and any medical related issues including the labeling of medicines to the important medical reports. This should also be done by professionals having in depth knowledge in medical field.

Apart from all these there are also so many other types of translations which are named according to the work involved. Due to globalization of industries translation has spread to each and every department.

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