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What are the Indications of Teeth Grinding?

People suffering from bruxism often grind or clench their teeth involuntarily. Most often, they are used to teeth grinding during sleep. However, the issue is also seen during day time among some individuals. There are many factors that cause teeth grinding among people. However, how is it possible to recognize the condition? It’s simple. Look for the below indications or signs and symptoms of teeth grinding.

  • Intense clenching of teeth is the primary symptom of bruxism. The grinding may be to such an extent that it even wake up somebody sleeping at night.
  • The ultimate effect of bruxism is on teeth. So, check if the teeth are prone to any irregular damage. Teeth grinding may gradually lead to flattened, worn down and chipped teeth.
  • Even sensitive teeth may be associated with bruxism. Upon exposure to hot and cold items, they experience severe pain in their gums.
  • Loss of enamel on teeth is another indication of teeth grinding. A suspect of bruxism should consult a dentist to check if the teeth enamel are healthy.
  • The effects of bruxism are not only limited to teeth or gums. It even affects the jaws and muscles. The muscles of the mouth area experience much pain with severe bruxism.
  • Earaches are the other common indications of teeth grinding. However, they are not at all linked with the deficient structures of the ear. However, they are primarily caused because of the contraction of jaw muscles. A continuous and involuntary movement of jaws during teeth grinding affects the muscles that connect to the ear. Similarly, they also suffer from chronic headaches.
  • Apart from earaches and headaches, bruxism affected people also experience facial pains. The muscular structures near the mouth area are affected by the irregular movement of jaws and teeth affects.
  • Cheek wounds are also the other common symptoms. The tissue inside of the cheek is chewed with bruxism.
  • You can even find indentations on the tongue.

Check these signs if you are disturbed by the teeth grinding of any of your family members or friends.

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