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View Points of Trading Psychology

Trading psychology says that, trading is 90% psychological and 10% methodological. In a trading practice, the control on emotions too play an important role in gaining profits. Its impossible to control your emotions without the proficient implementation of trading method. Trading method will be the determinant of profitability. It will be done through the ability to understand the methods, inherent strengths and weaknesses and the ability to maximize these strengths and reduce these weaknesses.

Trading psychology is widely discussed and promoted through books. Trading with the mindset of accepting the financial risk helps in getting positive results. Getting tensed on seeing losses no way helps a trader to perform better. Intervening emotional responses while taking trading decisions is a negative attitude towards trading. So it is first necessary to separate the personal trading and psychological trading, and stop using this concept as an excuse for trading actions. Trading-psychology is a controlled way of trading and this will be done with the development and implementation of tested plans.

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