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What Makes Contact Lenses Uncomfortable?

Many people are using contact lenses these days since they found their use to be more convenient and comfortable. When compared to the regular glasses and the other glass wear which are used to correct the vision, contact lenses are more popular and made people feel happy about their vision defects. However, there are few people who still feel uncomfortable to use contact lenses. Below are few reasons which give rise to discomfort while using contact lenses regularly.

Improper size and fitting: Proper sized lens which fit the base line of our eyes is very important. And this is the reason why everyone needs a prescription before purchasing any kind of lenses. Once the doctor checks and prescribes you about the correct size of lens which fits your eyes properly then you can go for any kind of lens according to that. After purchasing and wearing the lenses if you still feel there is something in the eyes then it is the time to realize that they are not right. This causes greater discomfort and one needs to visit his doctor again to resolve this problem.

Poor maintenance and care: Apart from getting the proper size, maintaining the lens properly is very important. Improper cleaning and storing methods infect the lens and show adverse effects on the vision. Regular cleaning and sterilizing of lenses to remove the protein deposits, bacteria, fungi and other infection causing germs is very important. With out this the eyes will suffer a greater discomfort and neglecting the maintenance leads to serious eye problems.

Dry eyes: Many people naturally have dry eyes which lack proper lubrication and cause irritation while wearing things like contact lenses. So people develop this tendency of dry eyes by their own habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, continuous use of computers, frequent TV watching and so on. For such people it becomes tough to wear lenses as they need proper moisture to make the eyes comfortable.

If you are feeling irritated and have redness in your eyes it is the time for you to consult your doctor and get it treated as soon as possible.

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