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Know Few things About Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable contact lenses became so popular in a short period as they don’t need maintenance and cleaning like the regular lenses. They can be worn throughout the day and can be thrown away before sleeping. These lens are much helpful for the people with minor vision disorders but not for the people who cannot see things without proper support. Again, in disposable lenses there are different types. Basically there are three types of disposable lens. They are as follows.

Daily wear disposable lens which can be worn all the day and can be thrown before sleeping or once they are removed form the eyes. The second comes the extended wear disposable lenses which can be used continuously without removing for a particular period of time and can be thrown away after removing.

The more frequent we tend to remove disposable lenses the more safer we are and have more healthy eyes. However, it is always advised to use daily wear disposables instead of extended disposables as the extended wear may result in eye problems as we wear them during nights also. Many people feel daily disposables are convenient because they are maintenance free, they are healthy since there is no day to day accumulation of dust on them and also lowers the risk of eye problems as they are not used during night times.

Even for using disposables we need a doctors prescription which tells the base length of our eye to get the exact size of contact lenses. Moreover, when compared to normal lenses disposables are less expensive and hence decreases our budget. It is important to use the disposables only for the specified period of time after which they may cause eye problems.

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