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Parallel Automation are Self Service Control Panels

Parallel automation is the combination of business automation and operational automation. Parallel automation is a complete automation system of business. It offers automation facilities in service offering, service managing, service billing and service delivering. These automation reduce the operational costs and increase the average revenue value.

The parallel automation processes differ functionally from the other automation processes. It includes the multi level reseller programs and it provides more managerial support to businesses. Parallel automation process can be converted in to customized cloud service delivery system with offer control panels and modular programs.

The parallel automation in operation automation provides the end-to-end automation services. It has the activities in service plan creation and result management. The parallel automation provides support to add new user services, which reduce the manual tasks. Business parallel automation takes care of order management, account management, billing management, invoice management etc. This automation enables to focus on developments of business revenues.

Parallel automation processes includes multi functional self service processes which reduce the operational costs and also customizes the processes. It includes many other processes like service provider processes, reseller processes and administration processes.

Parallel software provides dual automation facilities in business development and operational management. It is very much helpful in increasing the business profits.

Updated: October 30, 2015 — 1:59 am

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