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Why are Gaps Formed Between Teeth?

There are many people who often feel worried about their gaps between the teeth. The gapped teeth is often referred as diastema. The gaps between teeth may be formed due to missing teeth. However, this is not what we are discussing about. Certain causes form permanent gaps between teeth. Let’s know why they are formed.

Gapped teeth are often found in children between 6 and 8 years of age. Many habits such as thumb sucking, keeping tongue on incisors while eating and so on may be the reasons for the gap. However, avoiding these habits may prevent the gapped teeth. Also, with the development of permanent teeth, this problem is lost in children and hence, no special treatment is required.

However, there are still many other reasons responsible for gapped teeth in adults. Mismatch in size between the teeth and jaws is one of the primary reasons. With small sized teeth and larger jaw, extra space is available for teeth which allows their movement apart giving rise to a small gap. Even if the size of the teeth is larger and the jaw is smaller, there rises a situation tooth over tooth again giving a gap between the other teeth.

Abnormal jaw bone structure which is angled relatively towards left or right side prevents incisors from touching normally. This also causes gapped teeth. Another common habit of biting the lower lip makes the upper incisors to move apart. Knowing the right reason, the dentist can treat the gapped teeth through some specific orthodontic or cosmetic treatment measures.

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