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One of the Notorious Marijuana Drug Dealers Sentenced to 12 years Imprisonment

Marijuana, a dreadful illicit drug is used by many people despite of its negative impacts on one’s life. Even state governments are trying hard to control the drug use by introducing many rules and regulations to safe guard the society from the horns of the deadly drug. Every year they were playing a successful game in seizing millions of pounds of marijuana and accusing hundreds of drug smugglers. A recent arrest which accused most hilarious drug smuggler again proved their efficiency.

Jessie Jerome Hall who is the ring leader of large marijuana distribution network in forest used 18 wheelers to transport illegal drugs and has been sentenced to 12 years in federal prison. Along with him five other people who have been with him were also sentenced in US District Court in Jackson.
US attorney called this marijuana distribution operation as one of the largest in the Central Mississippi region where the arrests were made. And the accused MR. Hall was appreciated and got credit for accepting the responsibility for his actions by pleading guilty.

According to the officials, the group initially was charged for the distribution of more than 1000 kilo grams of marijuana in the Scott county area. More than one million dollars in drugs, property and assets were seized. Finally Hall was sentenced to 144 months of imprisonment after pleading guilty.

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