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What are Animal and Plant Textiles

Textiles are made from many materials and there are few main sources which are used in the manufacturing of different fibers. For now let us see the two main sources like the animal and the plants and how they are used to prepare different fabrics. These are the primary varieties of fabrics since they are natural and used by people since so many years.

Animal Textiles: Animal textiles are nothing but the textiles made from the things collected from the animal. For instance, wool is an animal textile since it is made from the hairs of the sheep. Similarly there are few other textiles which are made using these animal things. The most commonly used animal parts are the hair and the fur. Wool, woolen, cashmere, mohair are some of the fabric varieties which are used in the production of many kinds of wools and fibers.

Another thing is the fur which is collected from the animals and being used for making apparels. The fur or the hair collected from different animals are used to produce coats, jackets, ponchos, blankets and the other warm coverings. Example of that type is angora, which is collected from the long, thick, soft hair of the angora rabbit.

Even silk is considered as the animal textile since it is made from the cocoons made by the silk worms. It is made up of protein elements like the hair and the fur.

Plant Textiles: Plant textiles are the fabrics which are made using different plant parts. The fiber collected from the plants like cotton, flax, jute, hemp, modal, and bamboo are used in producing different fibers. There are few other plant fibers like the pina and ramie which are used in blend with cotton to produce different textiles.

Some other plant fibers are not directly used to make fibers but they can be used to improve certain parameters or the qualities of the fiber . For instance, acetate is a fiber collected from plant cells and is used to increase the shinning of some fabrics like the silks and the velvets. Other plant fibers are the seaweed, alginate, and the lyocell.

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