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Know about Caregivers Working with Children Out of Schools

Parents always are concerned about the safety and comfort of their kids, whether at home, in school or out of school. Nannies, babysitters, au pairs take care of children at home. In schools, people like classroom assistants, special needs assistants and nursery nurses assist students. There are even some caregivers who work with children out of schools.

Kids love to get engaged in play activities once they are out of school. Out-of-school care assistants look after the kids in breakfast clubs, holiday play schemes and after-school clubs. Breakfast and after-school clubs are arranged in school settings but not in the normal school hours. Out-of-school care workers work with children in places outside schools like church halls and community centers.

Play workers and assistant play workers are the people who are engaged with children. They look after the children aged 4-16. Play workers arrange and supervise play sessions. This helps kids to develop their physical growth. They focus on the individual needs of children and plan how to support them in their play choices. Assistant play workers assist play workers in planning age-appropriate play activities for kids.

They also organize and supervise imaginative plays, music, drama, cooking or other creative activities and so on apart from sports. Though no special qualifications are required for play workers, it is better to have a qualification. Play workers should be able to build good relations with children as well as the parents. They must have good communication skills and a capability to work well in team. Out-of-school care workers, therefore, help in improving the physical, social and intellectual development of children.

Updated: April 3, 2013 — 12:54 am

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