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How Wedding or Engagement Rings Influence the Tradition

Wedding is an auspicious moment in every couples life. It creates a new relationship between them. Engagement is also as important as wedding, in this event both bride and the bridegroom take a vow to marry each other to build a long relationship. Engagement ring and wedding ring represents the traditional binding of the two people to form a new relationship. These rings represent the traditional culture. People respect their customs and culture traditions by exchanging wedding or engagement rings.

In every culture and custom, the exchanging of rings represents the engagement or wedding. Ring represents the symbolic relation of wedding or engagement. In the western culture, the exchange of ring represents the commitment for long term relationship. Not only in western countries, eastern countries also give the same priority to a ring in wedding and engagements. Wedding or engagement ring is commonly worn to the bride’s left hand ring finger, which easily represents that is married or engaged.

Wedding rings have great history. In olden days, people used to ear rings made of big sized diamonds or pearls. Mostly diamonds were given high importance than the pearls while designing the ring. Now a days, though the size of the diamonds and pearls have become less, the design and the importance of wedding rings remain the same. Even now people respect the same tradition of wearing the rings in the wedding.

Wedding or engagement rings come with different metals like gold, platinum, silver, etc. Wedding rings comes in different sizes in different designs. Wedding rings including the diamonds have their own credibility. Whatever may be the material or design, the wedding rings holds the same significance of binding two people for life time.

Updated: January 19, 2016 — 2:08 am

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