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What Materials do Electric Heaters Use to Produce Heat?

Nichrome is the most common heating element and is commonly found in many household items such as toasters, hair dryers and heaters that make use of nichrome coils to pass electricity and produce heat. Nichrome is a mixture of 80 percent nickel and 20 percent chromium, and it is considered as a perfect electric heating element with a high melting point of 1,400 degrees Celsius (2,552 degrees Fahrenheit).

For an electron tube, the heat is supplied to the cathode with the help of an electric heating element which has a shape like a wire or ribbon. The element provides heat when electricity is passed through it.

cartridge Heater is composed of materials like sodium silicate, ceramic resin, marble powder and water (used as a solvent).

The material that is being filled in cartridge heaters should be a good thermal conductor, a
poor electrical conductor and it should be very thin so that it must be able to pass through the narrow cartridge holes present in the cartridge heaters during excessive heating and prevent it from cracking under a thermal shock.

An electric heating element that needs to reach much higher temperatures, (such as those used in iron production) commonly use materials other than nichrome and ceramics. An heating element in the point of an industry can be comprised of materials such as platinum, molybdenum or silicone carbide. When the furnace elements reach high temperatures the metals which are hard melt down into their liquid form so they can be poured into molds or used in other ways.

Based on the need, the appropriate heating material is used by electric heaters to produce heat.

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