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Employee Drug Testing and Its Role in Organization’s Efficiency

Employee drug testing has become mandatory in many organizations to ensure safety and discipline at workplace. However, it also helps to improve organizational efficiency. Let’s know how it is possible.

It’s a known fact that illicit drugs and alcohol pose several health issues such as red eyes, impaired vision, lack of concentration, lack of memory, hyperactivity, euphoria, loss of interest and motivation, irritability, anxiety, and depression. Drug abusing employees, who often suffer from these issues, tend to miss the work often. Increased absenteeism and certain physical warning signs can, therefore, be a sign of substance abuse. Also, drug abusing employees lack concentration in their work. They tend to do inferior work and feel less satisfied, decreasing their work efficiency and productivity. This may, however, affect organization’s efficiency.

In order to control absenteeism and low-productivity, employers conduct drug tests on employees. Pre-employment, random, and post-accident drug testing are some of the various types of employee drug testing. Pre-employment drug tests are conducted on new hires to discourage drug users from seeking employment. Random drug testing is an effective measure to control drug abuse in employees, they are conducted randomly on employees to find the problems of substance abuse. Post-accident drug tests are conducted after the occurrence of an accident or injury at workplace. They help to know if the employee responsible for the accident is under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol. Conducting these various types of drug testing based on the situation helps employers to avoid substance abuse in workplace and thereby maintain organization’s efficiency.

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