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Guidelines to Design a Profitable Website

A profitable website is one which is informative to the visitors and attracts them so that they visit the website again and again because your website represents your business. It is, therefore, important for you to get your website designed to reach the greatest number of users or visitors.

To know how to design a profitable website, following are the tips will help you:

  • Optimize images: Graphics can change the look of your website and makes it more attractive. But you should remember, the page which contains more images takes more time to load. So avoid filling of unnecessary images in your webpages. If graphics are really needed, re-size them to the lowest possible size so that the image file size is reduced.
  • Clear navigation links should be provided: The navigation menu should be clear and concise. It should help visitors know how to navigate your website without any obstacle.
  • Make your website compatible across browsers: Different users use different browsers. You may get your website designed compatible om one browser, but when opened using other browser, your website may not open. Therefore, make sure your website is compatible with all browsers.
  • Don’t use scripting languages: Use scripting languages only for manipulating data and not for creating visual effects.
  • Keep text paragraphs short in your website: You should make people to read your website content interestingly because people never look at paragraphs which are too lengthy and complex. Divide large paragraphs into simpler paragraphs to make it convenient for your visitors. Use appropriate size and style font for your text and give space between paragraphs.

The above are some of the tips that helps you in designing effective website for your business.

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